Fuji& Cherry Group Recruitment

We place importance on potential adoption.
We accept long-term internships of students, fresh graduation and average 30 years old people. We are focusing on developing young leaders who can respond flexibly and respond to new challenges.

Human Resources Development & Recruitment

In-house Training

In order to deepen understanding about the 8 core value and 5 points which are the most important thing in the Fuji & Cherry Group, in-house training will be held once a week.

Outside Training(Mount Fuji Climbing Activities)

Company trip is held once a year which is in order to encourage team spirit building and sharing trails and joy among the group.

Internal SNS and other Internal Activities

We imported internal SNS APP. All the Fuji & Cherry Group member actively Utilize it for One to One Communication, sending Thank You Card, In-house Library System and so on.

Long-term Internship Student

We are looking for long-term internships who are about to enter society. We provide the opportunities for you to learn any skills and knowledge about product planning, marketing, financial management, strategic construction and so on.

People We are Seeking

Long-term internships who want to challenge things and breakthrough own possibility and potential.
Year 3 or Year 4 Students
People who want to be active on the world stage globally through trading business.
JLPT N2/ TOEIC 600+/People can Speak Chinese
Early thirties who are interested in our vision and core value.
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