About Fuji & Cherry Group

Company Profile

We are the group that creates and provide value and are not limited or constrained by business fields or occupational categories.
Fuji& Cherry Group includes Fuji& Cherry Co. Ltd. with strong selling ability, Fuji& Cherry International Inc. responsible for import and export business and Fuji& Cherry Warranty Co. Ltd. responsible for warranty services.
We will continue to be a group that responds flexibly to the changing times of turbulent times, with a view to the development of related businesses.

CEO Messages

It is our purpose to become a global company that is essential and important to all people around the world.

In this rapid changing generation, Fuji& Cherry Group responds it flexible and keep growing. We are a global company and believe that we are needed by people around the world, and are going to continuously create and provide value globally.
CEO Kohei Yamashita

Company Overview

Fuji& Cherry Group Inc.
Kohei Yamashita
#301 Shin-osaka Meiko Building
6-9-27 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-Ku
Osaka, Japan
Business Content
Project Department (FCI International Inc.)
Commeicial Business
Solution Business[Consulting Business] (Fuji& Cherry Co. Ltd.)
Advertisement Business
Insurance and Guarantee Service
Aug 21 2013
Joint Company 3D Remind  established
Jan 23 2015
3D Remind Co. Ltd. (Organizational Changed)
Jul 18 2017
Fuji& Cherry Co. Ltd. (Company Name Changed & Head Office Relocation )
Sept 13 2018
Fuji& Cherry International Inc. (FCI) established
Jun 26 2019
Fuji& Cherry Group Co. Ltd. (FCG) Established
Fuji& Cherry Group Co. Ltd. (FCW) Established